Thursday, 6 February 2014

Education Advice for Service Parents - Moving Schools

Education Advice for Service Parents -  Moving Schools

The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) is part of the Directorate Children and
Young People and are the MOD’s experts on all aspects of Service children’s education

When moving child(ren) to a new school, either overseas or within the UK, Service parents
should be aware of some important issues. For example differences exist across
the borders within the UK with regards to school term times and curriculums.

In Isolated Detachments (ISODETS) and Extra Command Areas where there are no Service Children Education schools, parents should be aware that the type and standard of children’s education in those locations may vary between countries, and sometimes between different parts the same country. Service parents accompanied by their child(ren) when posted to such areas may decide to enrol them into local state schools (where children are taught in English), into a state school where the native language is spoken and where a child will be supported to learn that language, or at an international school. 

Parents whose child(ren) are due to undertake important examinations such as GCSEs, when considering whether to remove the child(ren) from school to accompany them to a posting overseas, are advised to do so only if they have access to a UK curriculum so that their education will not be disrupted in the two years leading to those examinations.

The costs of boarding schools in the UK can vary greatly and the school fees only make up part of the overall costs. It is therefore important that parents, if thinking about whether to enrol their child(ren) into a boarding school, gain a clear understanding of the whole costs which the school may charge.

Service parents who are due to move on Assignment when their child(ren) are in their ‘A Level’ years, or undertaking or preparing for GCSE or AS exams, may be able to retain the Service Families Accommodation which they currently occupy, to allow the child to complete their exams.

For more information about any issue relating to Service children’s education and associated MOD allowances contact CEAS: 01980 618244.